Tesla's (TSLA) big rig is just about ready for an October reveal, CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Wednesday night. 

And if the company can nail the roll-out of what Musk calls a 'beast' of a truck, it might mean a much higher stock price for Tesla. 

Here is Barclays' Brian Johnson's ultimate best-case scenario on Tesla's valuation. While Johnson is a bear, he does point out the potential of a semi truck. 

"Our last probability adopts the same financials as 'blue pill auto' mentioned above, but we kick the auto multiple up to 60x, to reflect upside opportunity from other businesses (whether it be Mobility, Tesla Semi, further upside from Energy, or...vehicles on Mars???). The present value per share in this scenario would be a rather lofty $1,819 - or 5x the current price of the stock. And while we assign it only a 2% probability, given each 1% probability is worth $18 of present value for the stock, 2% is enough for $36 of present value - or 17% of our revised price target."

Dogs will fly by then, too.

Tesla shares traded down 0.54% to $364.25 Thursday morning.

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