The outlaw life is hard, a lesson that Martin Shkreli learned when Judge Kiyo Matsumoto jailed him over his Facebook (FB) post about Hillary Clinton's hair on Wednesday, Sept. 13.

The judge said that Shkreli posed a danger to the public and revoked his $5 million bond.

Last week, the "pharma bro" encouraged his Facebook followers to snatch a sample of the former first lady's hair while she was on her book tour, offering to pony up $5,000 for each sample.

Earlier this week, U.S. prosecutors called for Matsumoto to lock the 34-year-old up as a danger to the community, citing the call for Clinton's locks as well as his online taunts of Teen Vogue editor Lauren Duca. The prosecutors were alerted to the post about Clinton by the Secret Service, which is charged with the protection of members of former first families.

Shkreli said the Facebook post was meant as humor. His lawyer Benjamin Brafman said his client intended no violence but was simply engaged in political hyperbole.

Recently convicted of a trio of fraud charges, Shkreli, a former hedge funder and biotech founder, is awaiting sentencing.

Shkreli sent Matsumoto a letter asking him to not revoke the $5 million bail that keeps their colorful client on the street. Shkreli also sent a letter to the judge, apologizing for what he termed "poor judgment." He went on to assure Matsumoto that he intended no harm. "I want to assure Your Honor that I am not a violent person, have never personally engaged in any violent behavior, nor have I ever intentionally encouraged anyone to do so."

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