The Rocket Fuel Institute (RFI), the research division of leading predictive marketing platform company Rocket Fuel (NASDAQ: FUEL), today released its predictions for the future of marketing platforms. Through a thorough investigation of the maturation of marketing technologies, the RFI found that platforms will not remain merely vehicles for expediting marketing campaigns. Instead, platforms -- particularly AI-powered platforms -- will take on a more robust role within the digital advertising world, becoming fundamental for understanding one's audience, creating a full funnel journey of consumers and buyers, better optimizing creative and deploying marketing assets across channels.

Marketing platforms are in a state of evolution. In addition to increased industry consolidation, technologies such as machine learning and new media channels like VR are creeping into the mix. This requires a different way of managing not only a platform, but also the entire media mix to help brands and advertisers reach consumers authentically at a scale and a velocity unimaginable just a few years ago.

"With so much consolidation in the digital advertising space right now, it's imperative more now than ever that platforms look to the future and evaluate how their strategies and capabilities can mature as technology and consumer expectations evolve," said Nikos Acuña, Managing Director of Rocket Fuel Institute. "The platforms that will survive and power the next generation of marketing will be those that enhance consumer experiences, facilitate data governance and first-party data integration, enable AI-to-AI communication, and prepare for the channels of the future."

The RFI took a closer look at these factors and concluded that:
  • AI will help make sense of data and increase processing power. The future of platforms will rely on AI connecting to other AI to solve problems and in multiple forms of marketing intelligence to process and optimize our information.
  • Customer experiences will continue to be important and influence the way that people make purchases, with expectations around experiences remaining high and even increasing. Platforms will have to be able to solve for experiences, both positive and negative.
  • For a platform to master customer experience, it will need to harness and govern customer data appropriately, which requires data volume plus processing velocity to work together. In the same regard, the quality of data will also trump quantity. Marketers will soon be able to join any number of platforms together to combine data to reach these high degrees of volume and velocity.
  • Platforms must begin building the capabilities to work across new marketing channels like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality. It will be imperative not waiting until these technologies reach maturity.

The Rocket Fuel Institute releases industry reports, foundational research studies, and thought leadership monthly. To learn more about the Rocket Fuel Institute and download a free copy of the complete Future of Platforms research paper, visit

About Rocket Fuel Institute

Founded in 2016, the Rocket Fuel Institute is a research initiative dedicated to the transformative field of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. Aiming to collaborate with brands, agencies, and other organizations across the globe, we conduct research and drive the adoption and commercialization of AI technologies for marketing and customer experience transformation. Our goals are to: 1) be a leading center for AI marketing research; 2) discover the underlying patterns that enhance customer experiences; and 3) explore how exponential digital trends impact business transformation.

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