Say what you will about Uber's controversial track record, but the embattled ride-hailing startup has come a long way since its inception. 

Nowhere is this more evident than Uber's original pitch deck, presented to investors in 2008, which co-founder and board member Garrett Camp shared on Tuesday to mark the company's nine-year anniversary. The 25-slide presentation provides a glimpse into Uber's early days, showing which initiatives stuck and others that were eventually discontinued. 

Uber was originally proposed as a disruptor to the traditional taxi industry that would only exist in major cities and primarily serve as a VIP car service for executives. It's now become a lot more accessible and is among the top 15 apps on the App Store. Perhaps most importantly, Uber is the highest-valued private company in the world, with a monster $68 billion valuation. 

But it hasn't gotten there without some major (and at times disastrous) stumbles. There was the #deleteUber movement that began in January; former engineer Susan Fowler's blog post detailing systemic sexist and discriminatory behavior; the stream of high-level executives that  began to depart shortly after that; and then Alphabet Inc.'s (GOOGL) self-driving car unit Waymo sued Uber over allegedly stolen trade secrets. The climax of Uber's tumultuous year came when former CEO Travis Kalanick resigned from the company, following the results of an investigation spearheaded by former Attorney General Eric Holder's law firm.  

Before all that, UberCab -- the company's original name -- had a very different vision. Here's a look at what Uber told investors when it was still a fledgling ride-hailing startup:

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