Onvia Announces Next-Generation SaaS And Data Platform To Help Businesses Sell More To Government

SEATTLE, Aug. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Onvia (NASDAQ: ONVI), the leading provider of sales intelligence and acceleration technologies for businesses selling to the public sector, announced today the launch of its next generation platform. Onvia 8 enables companies of all sizes to find and act on more opportunities and win more government contracts.

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Onvia 8 helps users act faster on larger and more targeted government contract leads. The platform is launching with a new interface and mobile interactivity designed for a more engaging, elegant and productive user experience. The enhanced lead sharing functionality helps sales and marketing teams easily distribute leads across their organizations and channel partners. And streamlined lead management features allow businesses to work efficiently, plan strategically and get ahead of the bid.

Businesses across all industries who want to sell to federal, state, local and education agencies are challenged to wade through a fragmented, competitive and complex business-to-government contracting marketplace. Onvia 8 addresses the need for accessible data on government bids and RFPs, agency and buyer profiles, award records, contact lists and competitive information. Further, Onvia 8 makes it easier for sales and marketing executives to track and share opportunities with their sales force, channel partners and distributors, to improve win rates and cycle time.

"We've connected with our clients and users to research and fully understand their workflows and the challenges they face," said Chris Woerner, SVP of Product at Onvia. "As a result, we've developed Onvia 8 to help users across sales and marketing to work more connected and stay more productive - from getting their hands on the data, to qualifying, distributing and pursuing opportunities."

Thousands of Onvia clients received early roll-outs of the platform and are now noticeably more engaged, seeing and tracking an average of three times more projects than before. With Onvia 8, clients like U.S. Bank, Siemens, VT LeeBoy, Inc. and VSS International are able to:
  • Get Vital Leads and Updates Faster: Users qualify leads with new custom alert features so they don't miss out on relevant, critical bids and updates.
  • Collaborate with Team Members: Users can distribute leads to their teams or channel partners directly or through a CRM to collaborate more efficiently.
  • Plan Beyond the Bid: Users gain a competitive advantage with the ability to create future pipelines, conquest lists and competitive sales and marketing campaigns.


Onvia 8 is a sales intelligence platform that enables businesses to manage leads, pursue deals faster and plan strategically to get ahead of the bid.

Onvia 8 Enables Faster Lead Qualification and Management - Anywhere, on Any Device

The core of Onvia's users include field teams and decision makers on the go. They often begin their day reviewing leads they receive through Onvia's daily email notifications, and progress to qualify leads in Onvia's cloud-based search portal. With Onvia 8, users now have that same information at their fingertips on their mobile devices. Onvia 8's intuitive interface allows users to easily identify critical project details and documents to make efficient qualification decisions. New features enable time-constrained sales or marketing professionals to track leads that are most important to them and receive notifications of updated due dates, contacts, requirements and changes in scope.

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