A Tesla Model S WAGON Is Being Built By These European Engineers - Here's a Look
The Model S isn't exactly dog-friendly -- yet.

Third-party engineers in Europe have created a prototype of a wagon version of the Tesla (TSLA) Model S, Electrek reported.

Former Jaguar, Lotus and McLaren engineers led by Jim Router were commissioned by a Model S owner in the U.K. who wanted his car tricked out so that he could fit his dogs in the back. After creating a prototype, the engineers have the man's car at the shop and have started cutting it.

The wagon prototype of the Model S should be ready by the end of the year. Depending on how the car is received, the engineers could offer the modification as an option for Model S owners in low volume production. Tesla doesn't currently have any plans for wagons, which are widely popular in Europe.

Tesla stock traded down 0.95% premarket Friday to $352.02.

A Tesla Model S wagon prototype is in development by a third-party https://t.co/pi3DF99m3B pic.twitter.com/kSZ4Zjkhlo

— Electrek.Co (@ElectrekCo) August 11, 2017

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