Government Scientists Send Climage Change Report to the NYT Before Trump Can Try to Silence It (via New York Times)

Google Fires Engineer Who Penned Sexist Memo (via Bloomberg)

China Plans to Uphold North Korean Sanctions Put in Place by UN (via Reuters)

Disney Earnings Will Be Out This Afternoon (via MarketWatch)

HBO Hack: Phone Numbers, Email Leaked for Actors and Execs (via The Verge)

Amazon's Secret Brands Sell You Everything from Baby Wipes to Clothing (via Mashable)

Papa John's Comes Out with Gluten-Free Pizza, But Don't Try It If You Can't Have Gluten (via Fortune)

SAP HR Software Will Launch 'Anti-Bias' Tools (via Quartz)

NYC:  Trump Will Be in Town Next Week, Prepare for Closures (via Gothamist)

Report: Peter Thiel Seems to Be Moving Away from Trump (via Business Insider)



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