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This Is the Most Anticipated Number in Apple's Looming Earnings Report

By: Natalie Walters

Apple's iPhone 8 has been hyped up so much that CEO Tim Cook actually blamed the media coverage of the yet-to-be released phone for the disappointing iPhone sales in the second quarter.

According to Cook, customers are getting so excited about the 10th-anniversary edition of the iPhone expected later this year that they're holding out for it instead of buying an older model.

However, reports and comments from suppliers suggest Apple may not be able to keep its tradition of releasing the newest iPhone model in mid-September due to supply constraints for the OLED display panel and other components. The release date could be pushed back to November or even December, which could have significant implications for its revenue in upcoming quarters.

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Other Apple Business Deserves Attention, Too

By: Eric Jhonsa

Just 38% of Apple Inc.'s calendar 2016 iPhone revenue was recorded during its June and September quarters. And between expectations of an iPhone 8 "super-cycle" and reports that Apple's next-gen flagship phone is seeing production delays that could lead initial shipments to be pushed back to October, there's a good chance the percentage will be lower still this year.

Thus while the iPhone remains by far Apple's largest business even this time of the year, it's a period when near-term iPhone sales matter less to markets than expectations for how upcoming models will be received. And during which other Apple revenue streams -- especially its Mac and Services businesses, each of which saw double-digit growth last quarter -- play a bigger role in determining whether the company beats near-term expectations.

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Showtime for Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Showtime for Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The Big Picture on Apple

By: Natalie Walters

Apple changed the world in 2007 when former CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in a now-famous keynote in his signature black turtleneck.

While the device created the smartphone category, some analysts are wondering how much longer the company can boast about the device. It's been 10 years and the company is still reliant on the iPhone for over half of its revenue.

For a number of critics, the company lost its innovative gene when Jobs died in October 2011 and handed the reigns to his Tim Cook, his second-in-command. The only revolutionary product it has introduced since his death is the Apple Watch in April 2015, but it certainly wasn't the first smartwatch to hit the market, and it hasn't become a mainstream success like the iPhone.

"Steve is gone and so the creative direction is gone," former Apple creative director Hugh Dubberly told TheStreet.

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