New Survey Confirms Majority Of Americans (67 Percent)(1) Are Not Sure How To Treat Bed Bugs

MARYSVILLE, Ohio, July 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With news reports of bed bug infestations on the rise across the country, Ortho ®, the nation's leading brand of pest control products, unveiled its Ortho ® Home Defense ® Bed Bug Trap. The trap's attractant pheromone was developed by leading scientists to lure, trap and detect bed bugs quickly for peace of mind.
Ortho Home Defense Provides a Straightforward and Comprehensive Product Line toFight Bed Bugs

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In conjunction with the trap launch, Ortho commissioned a new survey to uncover fears about bed bugs. Worried about an infestation? You're not alone! Ortho uncovered shocking statistics - Americans are deeply afraid of these pesky pests. In fact, nearly 3-in-5 Americans (58 percent) 1 would rather be naked in public than have bed bugs.

Available now at major retailers nationwide, this portable, pesticide-free trap uses a newly identified, patent-pending attractant pheromone to lure bed bugs out of hiding by tricking them into thinking they have reached a safe shelter. If bed bugs are present, the trap captures them permanently in a sticky pad, allowing users to quickly and confidently confirm their presence through a viewing window. If detected, Ortho encourages users to treat the problem with the full line of Ortho ® Home Defense ® bed bug products.

"Bed bugs spread easily, are drawn to warm bodies, and are both notoriously difficult to spot and expensive to get rid of," said Tim Martin, Vice President & General Manager, Ortho. "Bed bugs do not discriminate where they invade, and if you know someone who has them, you know what a helpless feeling it is. This first-of-its-kind trap for consumer use lures bed bugs out of hiding so individuals can quickly know if they have an infestation in their home or office and take the necessary steps to get rid of them."

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