It's no surprise we're not saving enough for the future - but unfortunately our retirement saving status is getting worse.

Natixis, the financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, the second-largest banking group in France, did a study based on 43 countries, and the U.S. ranked No. 16, down from No. 13 last year.

Norway, Switzerland and Iceland continue to take the top spots, according to their 2017 Global Retirement Index, which looks at things like health care costs, income per capita and whether there are enough workers coming into the system to support the old folks.

So we fell. Granted, by a 1% difference from last year - but we still fell.

There are a lot of strikes against retirement savings these days. Between lower salaries, low interest rates and that "instant gratification" mentality, paying ourselves first always seems to come last.

Plus we are all living longer. By 2050, the global elderly population will more than triple to 2.1 billion people, according to World Bank estimates.

And to make matters worse, the worker-to-beneficiary ratio will decline from 3.3 workers in 2005 to just 2.1 workers in 2040 - the same year the Social Security Trust Fund is projected to be exhausted, says Dave Goodsell, executive director of Natixis's Durable Portfolio Construction Research Center who helped compile the report.

Retirement security is becoming a huge social issue, and while we need our policy makers and companies to do more, it's high-time we take matters into our own hands.

So let's make changes now, so we are not all living in refrigerator boxes in retirement.

And here are some of our biggest mistakes.

Editors' pick: Originally published July 28.

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