Between hitting the beach, attending an outdoor festival or just hanging out in your backyard, there's nothing better than sunshine and a crisp glass of wine.

But a lot can go wrong when you're outside with wine. To start, where do you put your glass when you're on the beach?

We've got that answer and more. So consider this your definitive al fresco wine guide.

And while there are some fabulous, well-stocked picnic baskets available these days, it's just as easy to put it all in your favorite backpack or beach bag. Then you can put the money saved toward the wine and food.

So grab a blanket and bug spray; here are five more things you may need to solidify that perfect outdoor event.

  1. It's Really All About the Wine.

Of course it is. And the good news is you now have a bunch of portable options.

If you're experimental, now is the perfect time to give the boxes and cans a shot. For instance, Vin Vault, the boxed wine, produced by E. & J. Gallo Winery, is a serious contender in the box wine category.

If you really need to bring a bottle though, pick a screw top and get a freezer sleeve or bag. Then put the bag in the freezer for a few hours before you head outside. Slide your favorite bottle in on your way out the door and you can skip carrying the extra ice.

If you're a total purist who must have her favorite bottle, consider an insulated bladder bag. It sounds gross but campers and bikers use them all the time. Just pour your favorite wine in an already-chilled bag and leave the heavy glass bottle at home. The wine will stay chilled and then it is super-light once it's empty.

  1. Leave the Glass Home.

There's no need to risk transporting your favorite wine glasses when there are some great plastic ones available.

You can't go wrong with the tried-and-true shatterproof Govino glasses. They're stemless and have a nice thin rim so you don't feel like you're drinking out of a red solo cup...not that there's anything wrong with that.

If you're looking to simulate your at-home stemware, try the GSI Outdoors Nesting Wine Glasses. The stem screws off and nests in the bowl of the glass for easy carrying. Super cool. Even better, the actual bowl of the glass also has a thin rim - unlike many chunky plastic wine glasses.

If bugs are a problem when you're drinking al fresco, try the Liplidz glasses. They have a lid that, again, doesn't taste like plastic and comes in fun colors.

Even better, check out the GSI Outdoors Wine Glass Gift Set. It has an insulated wine tote and those nesting glasses, all in one.

  1. You Need Snacks.

Whether it's a picnic or an outdoor concert, you shouldn't drink in the sun without some snacks. Now sure you can grab a bag of chips, but why not amp it up? Pre-cut some of your favorite hard cheeses, because the soft ones may melt too quickly. And make a plate of charcuterie. And don't forget the nice loaf of bread. All that stuff will work great with the wine, doesn't require plates and utensils and feels romantic when you're outside on a blanket.

And there are some great little tables for two available now as well. Many have a post that sticks in the ground and cutouts to hold your wine glasses. And the best part is they fold up, so you can take them with you and stake your claim anywhere you want.

  1. Bring Frozen Water Bottles.

Wine will dehydrate you so make sure you have water. Throw some bottles in the freezer before you leave. Then they'll act as ice and keep your wine and snacks cold as you transport everything. Plus, once the water melts and you drink it, it's one less thing to carry back home.

  1. And Finally, Throw in Some Fun and Games.

How about some music and dice? Yes, Lawn Dice. Because who doesn't love an outdoor lawn game? Oh sure you can grab a Frisbee, but why not go all the way with this outdoor soiree and grab some over-sized dice. And we're pretty sure you can figure out some good drinking games with them but if you need some suggestions, check these out here.)

And the last thing you want is have your phone go dead in the middle of the festivities. So don't forget to pack a portable charger and speaker.

Now get outside and have some fun.