Lyft will offer pickup suggestions in the latest version of the ride-hailing app to make it easier for riders and drivers to connect and avoid confusing pickups, TechCrunch reported.

The pickup suggestions will only be a short walking distance from the rider's original location and will take into account factors including walking time, and time lost to crosswalks and stoplights. They'll only show up when it will save the rider time and the rider can decline any pickup suggestion.

The move is two years behind Uber Technologies, which started using pickup suggestions in 2015.

Lyft and its notable investors include General Motors (GM - Get Report) , KKR & Co (KKR - Get Report) and AllianceBernstein (AWF - Get Report)  .

What's Hot On TheStreet

Unusual to hear these words: Under Armour's (UAA - Get Report) founder Kevin Plank has never been one to sound weak in a public setting. Plank is known for his motivational speeches to employees and desire to crush all competition. So, it was odd to hear Plank say rival Nike (NKE - Get Report) "isn't playing fair" on the Today Show on Sunday -- it sounded like a CEO who after several below plan quarters is finally realizing how challenging it will be to dethrone Nike.

Hat tip to Ford: A noted supporter of recycling, auto legend Henry Ford would be proud to know his spirit of conservation is still alive and well in the company that bears his name.

And in fact, as TheStreet learned on a recent trip to Ford's (F - Get Report) Dearborn, MI. headquarters, the founder's recycling efforts have been taken to a whole other level. Within Ford's Plastics and Materials Sustainability Research Department, which is tasked with finding ways to create auto parts from things found in the Earth such as soybeans and agave plants, senior technical leader Deborah Mielewski showed off a new coin tray made from shredded cash.

It took about $400 of cash to make the coin tray, said Mielewski.

Shout out to the 1990s: It may be time to cash in those Tesla (TSLA - Get Report) stock gains and go out and buy one of these new classic cars, TheStreet reports. There are several models from 1992, including the early version of the Dodge Viper, that are starting to take off in value.

Nestle rips to a high: Shares of chocolate maker Nestle touched an all-time high Monday after activist investor Third Point, led by Dan Loeb, revealed it had built a stake in the group and pressed for asset sales and increased buybacks. The stake is worth more than $3.5 billion, making Third Point one of Nestle's top 10 shareholders. For Loeb, this is one of his boldest bets yet as he tries to shake up the staid consumer packaged goods giant.

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