Joshua Brown, the Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) motorist who was killed in a crash last year while utilizing the car's autopilot feature, received multiple automated warnings to place his hands back on the wheel, the National Transportation Safety Board said in its 500-page report on the incident.

During a 37-minute portion of his trip where Brown was supposed to have his hands on the wheel, he only had his hands in proper position for 25 seconds, according to the report. 

Tesla shares were up $6.70, or 1.8%, to $378.11 on Tuesday morning.

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Amazon has some work to do with Whole Foods: Organic grocer Whole Foods (WFM) needs Amazon's (AMZN) tech know-how, and it needs it very quickly to slash prices.

TheStreet's Lindsay Rittenhouse went shopping online at Ohio stores to see how Whole Foods stacked up against Walmart Stores Inc. (WMT) and rival grocer Kroger (KR) . While the results may not be shocking, they show just how much Amazon will have to cut for Whole Foods to be on equal footing with some of its competitors.

The cost of eight everyday food items at Whole Foods, TheStreet found, were nearly double those of the ones at Walmart, but Kroger undercut them both. Whole Foods' basket cost $38.29; Walmart's, $19.86; and Kroger's, $16.58.

With data as shocking as this, it's no wonder Whole Foods founder John Mackey is in love with Amazon.

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