Pandora (NYSE: P) is celebrating national Pride month with the launch of "Sounds Like Pride," a campaign that highlights diversity, individuality and solidarity. The "Sounds Like Pride" campaign will include a special "Sounds Like Pride" station, exclusive content from emerging LGBTQ+ musicians and Pandora employees, and a charitable donation to The Ally Coalition, whose mission is to create a coalition of allies that will aid and encourage artists and people from every walk of life to use their voices and influence to end discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community.

"Pandora believes music breaks down barriers and connects humanity through shared emotions," said Nick Bartle, CMO of Pandora. "It's an art form that captures the human experience and we are proud to show our continued support for listeners and artists of all backgrounds."

As part of the campaign, Pandora has launched the "Sounds Like Pride" station featuring personal Pride experiences from Riff Raff and Jonny Pierce from The Drums--with additional artists throughout the month-- via Artist Audio Messages. The station will also feature music from LGBTQ+ artists including Against Me!, Grizzly Bear, Le Tigré and Perfume Genius, as well as classics from ABBA, Blondie, Culture Club, David Bowie, George Michael, Queen and many more. Listeners will be able to donate to The Ally Coalition via the "Sounds Like Pride" station to support their LGBTQ+ advocacy. Additionally, members of Pandora's employee Pride community have shared what Pride sounds like to them in a series of video testimonials.

Pandora recently debuted " Sounds Like You," a brand campaign highlighting the individuality and diverse musical tastes of our listeners. "Sounds Like Pride" is a natural extension and pays tribute to the LGBTQ+ community while celebrating respect, hope, freedom and self-acceptance.


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