President Trump Releases Updated Personal Financial Disclosure

President Trump late Friday released his updated personal financial disclosure forms as the investigation into potential collusion between his presidential campaign and Russia, and possible obstruction of justice, continues to deepen.

"President Trump welcomed the opportunity to voluntarily file his personal financial disclosure form; while this filing is voluntary (as no report was due until May 2018), it has been certified by the Office of Government Ethics pursuant to its normal procedures," the White House said in a statement.

Trump sold his stocks in June 2016, but the disclosure forms report the income from the sales of those stocks; their value is now zero. Among the stocks the president previously owned is Raytheon Co. (RTN) , the maker of the Tomahawk missiles Trump dropped in Syria in April.

He was also a Caterpillar Inc. (CAT) shareholder, although the disclosure misspells the company's name as Caterpiller. The company is currently the subject of a federal raid pertaining to taxes and overseas business dealings. Another company, like Caterpillar, which Trump praised and previously owned shares of is Ford Motor Co. (F) .

He owned stocks and bonds in several companies he's criticized, including Boeing Co. (BA) , General Motors Co. (GM) , Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Inc. (AAPL) . Trump also owned shares of AT&T Inc. (T) , which is planning a merger with Time Warner Inc. (TWX) . Time Warner owns CNN, which Trump has lambasted for coverage he perceives as overly negative, and the president reportedly wants to block the merger.

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