Optiv Security, a market-leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions, today announced six of its veteran security experts will be speaking at the Cloud Identity Summit, which takes place from June 19-22, 2017 in Chicago at the Sheraton Grand. Richard Bird, executive director, office the CISO, will present a keynote entitled, "Security in a Volatile Landscape." Attendees will learn how organizations are using and securing the cloud, and how to leverage orchestration and automation to maximize existing investments. Additional sessions will cover identity, cloud security and authentication.

Session details include:

Should Identity Be at the Core of Your Security Strategy? Who/Topic: It's no secret that approaches to identity and access management (IAM) have evolved rapidly over the last several years to meet the changes in how companies transact business and the rapidly growing threat of a breach. During this session, Aubrey Turner, client solutions advisor, IAM, will explain why it is important to put identity at the core of any security strategy and how to achieve success by leveraging existing cyber security assets. When/Where: Monday, June 19 from 4:15 - 4:40 p.m. CDT, Ballroom

Commandeering Cloud Environments with Secure Identities Who/Topic: The proliferation of cloud applications and services will only become more feverish as organizations embrace many of the technology trends available today. Businesses must operate in a world without boundaries. Dan Olivares, senior director, cloud security, will lead this session focused on how companies can take control of the explosion of cloud applications and services by applying a programmatic approach to cloud security with secure identities at the crux of the matter. When/Where: Tuesday, June 20 from 9:30 - 9:55 a.m. CDT, Chicago Ballroom VIII

CISO Perspective: Your IAM Strategy Needs a Risk-Based Approach Who/Topic: Historically, IAM services were tasked with establishing capabilities focused on provisioning technologies and operations managing access to critical information. With time, organizations often struggled to meet growing compliance demands and continued to deploy point solutions to support distinct applications and systems requirements. This session, led by Dawn-Marie Hutchinson, executive director, office of the CISO, will address the requirements of a business-aligned IAM strategy that will ultimately help reduce business risk and improve overall operational efficiency. When/Where: Tuesday, June 20 from 2:30 - 2:55 p.m. CDT, Chicago Ballroom VIII

Securing the Customer Experience Who/Topic: Customer-focused organizations continue to mature in their approach to customer management, enabling functions like an easy registration process, streamlined authentication, application access provisioning and delegated administration of the customer's own people. Janel Schalk, senior director, strategic consulting, will share how security professionals can secure customer experience and data through focused customer identity and access management (CIAM). When/Where: Tuesday, June 20 from 4:20 - 4:40 p.m. CDT, Chicago Ballroom VIII

The Risks of Authentication Who/Topic: This expert panel featuring Dawn-Marie Hutchinson will explore how some organizations approach and implement authentication actually may increase risk to the business. Attendees of this session will hear new and emerging recommended techniques to deal with those risks and how to appropriately execute successful authentication programs. When/Where: Tuesday, June 20 from 4:20 - 5:20 p.m. CDT, Superior Room

Identity Defined Security Who/Topic: Bryan Wiese, vice president and general manager, IAM, will join an expert panel discussion focused on how identity and security are growing ever closer together, technically and operationally; and explore how this can help provide better security and improved customer experience. When/Where: Wednesday, June 21 from 5:30 - 6:00 p.m. CDT, Ballroom

Security in a Volatile Landscape Who/Topic: With continuous industry transformations being the new norm, the technology landscape has never been more difficult to secure. Businesses are bringing on new cloud applications to compete in a global marketplace and users are bringing their own devices that share identities, data and applications. For security professionals looking for solutions, the answer is no longer in just having the latest security technologies. In this keynote presentation, Richard Bird will provide insight into the major themes and trends from Optiv's extensive network of clients, CISOs and security experts. When/Where: Thursday, June 22 from 8:15 - 8:45 a.m. CDT, Ballroom

Optiv is the security sponsor at Cloud Identity Summit 2017 and will be exhibiting at booth 218. Media wishing to interview Optiv experts should contact Jason Cook at jason.cook@optiv.com or (816) 701-337.

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