Nvidia (NVDA - Get Report) shares were up more than 13% in the past few days and at one point were up more than 5% Friday to $168.50. That mark may stand in infamy though -- at least, temporarily. Just hours after hitting new all-times highs, shares of Nvidia suddenly reversed, falling 6.5% to $149.59 at Friday's close.

That might make for some awkward situations amongst analysts. On Thursday, Citi placing what was at the time a Wall Street high price target of $180 on Nvidia. They also made a bull case of $300 for the stock, which is more that double the stock's current price.

The firm believes the company will see increased sales from its data center division, increased business from the automotive sector, and multiple expansion possibilities in the cloud.

Citi might have beat other analysts to the punch, but the others hit just as hard. Argus upped its price target to the current Street high of $185, while analysts at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch assigned a $180 price target to Nvidia.

These guys are climbing over each other trying to keep pace with Nvidia stock, TheStreet's founder and manager of the Action Alerts PLUS portfolio Jim Cramer, said on CNBC's "Mad Dash" segment. The stock keeps rallying past everyone's price target, so how do they counter it? They keep raising their targets, he explained.

Who Saw It Coming?

Of course, none of this does investors any good if they can't prepare for it. Thankfully, TheStreet's Eric Jhonsa told us that Extreme Nvidia, Tesla Price Targets Are Reminiscent of the Dot-Com Bubble.

He wrote, "After seeing a well-run, fast-growing company blow past more conservative price targets one month after the next, some analysts become more confident issuing pie-in-the-sky targets, believing the company can do no wrong and ignoring how a higher valuation brings with it higher risk."

His analysis -- found here -- is far deeper.

Nvidia shares are up nearly 57% year to date.

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