Zendesk, Inc. (NYSE: ZEN), a leading provider of software for better customer relationships, today announced the June schedule for its Relate Podcast series. The recently launched series has gained popularity for its unique approach to exploring various types of relationships and how we work together and understand one another.

What: The Relate Podcast series by Zendesk is a bi-weekly podcast series that explores all types of relationships, except the romantic ones (we'll leave that to you).

When: New episodes on June 7 and June 21, 2017

Where: Available on the Relate Podcast site, iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify

Why: Fascinating guests from all walks of life around the world share their amazing stories, captivating listeners with tales of harrowing experiences, ambitious journeys, and hard-won lessons. In each episode, you'll hear about relationships forged through high adventure and everyday kindness, unlikely friendships and surprising connections. And like all good stories, there are lessons in how to manage challenging situations and better understand your own relationships.

Don't miss Episode 8 on June 7- "DIVERSITY"Pakistani gender-hiding squash starMaria Toorpakai Wazir grew up in a Taliban stronghold in Pakistan, where women never leave the house without a burka or a male escort. Since she was as young as 5-years-old, Maria railed against the restrictive life of girls in her world. She burned her dresses and hacked off her hair. From that moment on, she committed to living as a boy. Hear how she went on to become a squash star, what happened when her secret was revealed, and how her family weathered the storm.

Syrian refugee turned successful entrepreneurJay Assad fled the conflict and dangers of his homeland to find a better life in the Netherlands. Living in a camp for asylum seekers with other refugees who were also in limbo, he spent many months getting a work permit and over a year trying to get his family out of Syria. Like any good entrepreneur, Jay saw a problem as an opportunity to solve it. His journey and struggles served as inspiration for a successful business.

Don't miss Episode 9 on June 21- "COMMUNITY"The man cave movement has organized - in a shed!In a shed, men get together for activities like woodworking projects, cooking, bike repairs, music, and yelling at the television during the playoffs. The initial backyard shed movement started in Australia in 2007 and has since grown to incorporate collaborative, communal spaces. The Australian Men's Shed Association has grown to over 900 member sheds and the concept has spread to Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Scotland.

Blue Star Families: Military families' home away from home"When you're in the military, you move so often, you're remote from family and friends, and what you're thinking about is so different from your nonmilitary neighbors," said Kathy Roth-Douquet, who is married to a retired Marine and who moved nine times in 15 years. "That isolation is very fixable." Roth-Douquet is co-founder and chief executive of Blue Star Families, a modest nonprofit that has grown to 35 chapters around the world, leading a wide range of programs to support military families, all without any government funding.

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