Toyota (TM) , which once waxed poetic about its partnership with Tesla (TSLA) , has sold off everything. Talk about a missed opportunity. 

The Japanese carmarker, according to Bloomberg on Saturday, sold its 1.43% stake in electric car-maker Tesla in July of last year. That decision ended the collaboration between the two wave-makers in the auto industry.

Since Jul. 1, 2016, Tesla's stock has surged some 65% to $339.85 as investors have grown ever more bullish on the outlook for CEO Elon Musk's creation. At a market cap of $55.8 billion, Tesla is now the most valuable U.S. automaker, ahead of General Motors (GM) and Ford (F) .

Last November, Toyota set up its own electric car unit and plans to compete directly with Tesla soon.

A Tesla Roadster.
A Tesla Roadster.

Like Toyota, not everyone is completely sold on Tesla's future.

On Friday, Greenlight Capital founder and president David Einhorn reiterated that he remains short Tesla. In May, the hedge fund titan went so far as to say Tesla's stock reminded him of "the March 2000 dotcom bubble." 

A spokesman for Toyota confirmed for  TheStreet Saturday that the company had sold its stake in Tesla in July 2016 and has set up an electric vehicle unit, but provided no additional details.
Tesla could not immediately be reached for comment.
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