President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are finally going to have neighbors they can see after eight years in the White House rental. The couple bought a nine-bedroom, 8.5-bathroom house in Kalorama, the upscale historic section of Washington, D.C., which seems to be a hot spot for presidents post-White House.

Kalorama, which is the Greek word for "beautiful view," is a highly sought-after place to live because it's a ten-minute ride from downtown and has a killer view of the cityscape.

The home, built in 1928 and previously owned by President Bill Clinton's press secretary Joe Lockhart, is a 8,200-square-foot brick Tudor, that would cost around $22,000 a month to rent, according to real estate website Zillow.

It is currently valued at $7 million, according to D.C. tax assessments, though the Obamas paid $8.1 million.

And while the house has all the bells and whistles, they're probably going to need to do your basic home renovating -- adding those bulletproof windows and doors, cutting down the bushes so the street is visible, putting up the "No Parking Signs" and installing a mac-daddy surveillance system.

Aside from some 20 ambassadors living in the neighborhood and Bill and Hill not too far away, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and their three children bought the house on the corner. (Maybe Sasha and Malia can babysit?) 

Even more fun, Jeff Bezos, Amazon's (AMZN - Get Report) founder and owner of The Washington Post, dropped $23 million in cash for a ten-bedroom mansion nearby so he could live close to the office.

Let the block party begin...

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Editors' pick: Originally published June 3.

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