Dynegy Inc. (NYSE:DYN) today reported its results from the PJM capacity auction for planning year 2020/2021. The Company cleared a total of 10,217 megawatts (MW) at a weighted average clearing price of $122.19 per megawatt-day equating to approximately $456 million (1)(2) in capacity revenues for the 2020/2021 planning year. This total includes Dynegy's PJM fleet that cleared 9,772 MW at a weighted average price of $124.27 per megawatt-day for total capacity revenues of $443 million and exports from MISO to PJM that cleared 444 MW at a weighted average price of $76.53 per megawatt-day for total capacity revenues of $13 million.

Dynegy's facilities in DEOK cleared 928 MW at a weighted average price of $130.00 per megawatt-day for total capacity revenues of $44 million for the Dicks Creek, Miami Fort and Zimmer facilities.

The table below lists Dynegy's cleared capacity and associated clearing price for the 2020/2021 capacity auction by zone. This auction was the first to feature only the capacity product.
Zone     Clearing Price per MW-day     Megawatts Cleared
RTO (3)     $76.53     5,052
DEOK     $130.00     928
COMED     $188.12     3,154
MAAC     $86.04     547
EMAAC     $187.87     536
TOTAL     $122.19     10,217


(1) Includes Troy and Armstrong, set to be sold to LS Power pending approval.(2) Excludes any cleared capacity associated with the purchase of the AES-owned portion of Miami Fort and Zimmer.(3) Includes 444 MW of MISO imports.

About Dynegy

At Dynegy, we generate more than just power for our customers. We are committed to being a leader in the electricity sector. Throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Texas, Dynegy operates power generating facilities capable of producing more than 31,000 megawatts of electricity—or enough energy to power about 25 million American homes. We're proud of what we do, but it's about much more than just output. We're always striving to generate power safely and responsibly for our wholesale and retail electricity customers who depend on that energy to grow and thrive.

Forward-Looking Statement

This news release contains statements reflecting assumptions, expectations, projections, intentions or beliefs about future events that are intended as "forward-looking statements". These statements are based on the current expectations of Dynegy's management discussion of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from current projections, forecasts, estimates and expectations of Dynegy is contained in Dynegy's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC). Specifically, Dynegy makes reference to, and incorporates herein by reference, the section entitled "Risk Factors" in its 2016 Form 10-K and subsequent Form 10-Qs. In addition to the risks and uncertainties set forth in Dynegy's SEC filings, the forward-looking statements described in this press release could be affected by, among other things, the following (i) impact of Capacity Performance product on Retail business; (ii) the industry may be subject to future regulatory or legislative actions, including environmental, that could adversely affect Dynegy; and (iii) Dynegy may be adversely affected by other economic, business, and/or competitive factors. Any or all of Dynegy's forward-looking statements may turn out to be wrong. They can be affected by inaccurate assumptions or by known or unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, many of which are beyond Dynegy's control.

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