Are You Ready for Uber's New Disruptive App? -- Tech Roundup

When Uber bought Otto for $680 million, it did so in an effort to bolster its self-driving truck game. Currently, Uber is an embattled ride-hailing app company. But its eyes are set squarely on the future, looking at self-driving cars and trucking, and even flying.

The first step in getting to autonomous trucking? Disrupting the transportation landscape. The company launched new standalone app, Uber Freight, that aims to do to trucking what Uber did to the taxi industry.

Instead of drivers taking us to work or the airport, truckers will be able to use the app and see what shipments are waiting to be delivered. Much of the process afterward would be similar to Uber app and hopefully provide a big relief to both shippers and drivers. From SiliconBeat:

"Uber Freight also promises to pay truckers for their deliveries within seven days, with no fees, and to show them price quotes before they book. Under the trucking industry's current model, drivers often have to wait 30 days or longer for a paycheck, according to the company."

Uber is even willing to compensate drivers for unexpected headaches they may run into in the shipping process. Uber Freight won't be the first of its kind. Other platforms, like U-Ship, 123 Loadboard and others currently exist.

But given Uber's size, scale and financial backing, it wouldn't be surprising to see the company quickly take hold of this market. The question is how disruptive with Uber Freight be?

What did we just say the other day? Over the years, everyone had doubts about Tesla (TSLA) and here we are. Love him or hate him, CEO Elon Musk has successfully rolled out two high-end, all-electric vehicles with a third (and likely fourth) on the way.

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