Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL) and Huawei, working in close cooperation in order to develop 4.5G and 5G technologies since 2015 have announced to expand their relationship in developing 5G technologies and to intensify joint efforts in the fields of R&D and domestic production. The cooperation agreement made between two companies involves innovations on IoT, smart cities applications and local production in 4.5 G.

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Turkcell Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Ahmet Akça and Huawei Senior Vice President Mr. Tian ...

Turkcell Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Ahmet Akça and Huawei Senior Vice President Mr. Tian Feng (Photo: Business Wire).

In accordance with the protocol signed two years ago in China, Turkcell and Huawei have begun cooperating to improve local production and 4.5 G and 5G technologies and they have taken an important step to expand cooperation last week in China. The two companies will intensify their efforts in developing domestic technology in the coming period and accelerate their joint R&D work in Turkey. The cooperation between two companies is designed to set up joint teams for the realization of smart cities using domestic production and software.

The agreement signed by Turkcell Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Ahmet Akça and Huawei Senior Vice President Mr. Tian Feng aims at deepening cooperation on developing local production, 4.5G and, 5G technologies and on innovative solutions. Furthermore, the agreement, which also provides intensifying joint R&D efforts, requires the two companies to begin searching the ways of making the trade in Yuan. The two companies who decided to set up joint teams to work for the improvement of local technologies in Turkey, from now on will also jointly carry out standardization works of IoT. IoT has a vital importance in smart cities applications.

Following the signing ceremony, Turkcell Chairman of the Board of Directors Ahmet Akça said ''As Turkcell, we are making long-term collaborations in order to bring Turkey to a level that produces and develops its own technology. We believe that developing domestic technology in 4.5G and, 5G is an important opportunity for our country to make a new leap forward not only in technology but also in economy. According to the agreement we signed together with Huawei, we are expanding our cooperation in terms of joint R&D works, trading in Yuan, standardization, innovative solutions, software development and domestic production. In addition to that, we will develop new solutions in the area of smart cities which will make life easier for our expanding cities.''

Huawei Senior Vice President Mr. Tian Feng stated that "As Huawei, we consider Turkey as a strategic hub located between Europe and Asia, and have accordingly structured our administrative and operational infrastructure in the country to support our Central Asia and Caucasia region operations. Our confidence in the Turkish economy and trust in the talented, young and dynamic human resource of the nation has led the establishment of our second largest overseas R&D center in Turkey. We will increase our investment in Turkey, enable Huawei Turkey R&D center not only serve Turkey, but also make fully use of Turkey's unique geographical advantages, covering other countries in Europe and Asia, and deeply involved in the development of Turkey ICT industry."

The signing of the MOU indicates a further deepening cooperation between Turkcell and Huawei.

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