PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                             April 20, 2017

Activity 2 nd quarter 2016-2017 Good outlook for beet harvesters and garden watering equipment
  2015-2016 2016-2017 Current scope 2016-2017  Constant scope Current scope change
Revenue for 2nd quarter (January to March) 210.9 218.3 218.3 4%
Agricultural Spraying 122.4 122.2 122.2 0%
Beet Harvesters 12.8 12.5 12.5 -3%
Spraying and Garden Watering 31.1 34.2 34.2 10%
Industrial Spraying 44.6 49.4 49.4 11%
Revenue for 6 months (October to March) 346.5 352.7 338.9 2%
Agricultural Spraying 188.1 185.0 171.2 -2%
Beet Harvesters 24.8 27.7 27.7 12%
Spraying and Garden Watering 41.2 43.4 43.4 6%
Industrial Spraying 92.4 96.5 96.5 4%

*Constant scope = 2015-2016 current scope excluding ET Works acquired in January 2016

The revenue for the second quarter of fiscal year 2016-2017 (January to March 2017) is slightly up due to the "Garden Watering" and "Industrial Spraying" activities. Over the first half-year, the activity of the EXEL Industries Group, which has suffered from the farming crisis, was driven by "garden watering" equipment and "beet harvesters" business, an improvement that should become more marked for both sectors at the 2 nd semester.
  • Agricultural Spraying

For "Agricultural Spraying", identical revenue to last year in reality conceals a significant slump in the French market and a slight reduction in Europe; at the same time sales have grown in Australia, in USA and in the CIS. The project to merge HARDI Evrard and MATROT Equipement was presented to the press, to French customers and distributors, and is ongoing.
  • Beet Harvesters

During the first half-year, this activity has shown slight growth compared with last year. The outlook for sales is very favorable in Europe for the second quarter. After the increase of the sugar beets surface in Europe by 20%, sales forecast are very favorable for the second semester. 
  • Spraying and Garden Watering

The launch of new products including the expandable hose "superhoZe", and the implementation of contracts of Europeans distributors, have already had a positive effect on revenue in the second quarter, despite the drop in sterling against the euro.
  • Industrial Spraying

The increase in sales in industrial spraying stems from improved sales in our distribution channels together with the signing of a contract in the automotive industry in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Outlook and Strategy

Mr. Guerric Ballu, CEO of the EXEL Industries Group, comments:"In France, the crisis in agricultural spraying is still very much with us, with no prospect of recovery before the end of our fiscal year.Substantial orders have been placed for beet harvesters in Europe with deliveries scheduled before the end of September 2017. The very favorable weather conditions at the beginning of spring leads us to expect increased activity in garden watering. With industrial spraying, we won the Nissan contract in Sunderland UK and PSA in Vigo Spain. SAMES KREMLIN, the new company merged on February 1, 2017, was well received by the distribution network and the market, as were the company's strategy and coherent range.

In February 2017, all our brands at the recent SIMA Fair exhibited innovations that received a very warm reception from French and foreign farmers. Moreover, BERTHOUD won the prize for best machine of the year."

New corporate fiscal year: new basis for comparison

The Shareholders' General Meeting of January 12, 2016 decided that, as of fiscal year 2015-2016, the EXEL Industries Group would close the financial statements on September 30.This means a fiscal year of 13 months in 2015-2016. Accordingly, fiscal year 2016-2017 started on October 1, 2016 and will end on September 30, 2017 and, from now on, the quarter will be calendar quarters.
  September 2015-August 2016 October 2015-September 2016
Annual Revenue €759.2 M €770.8 M
Agricultural Spraying 361.4 365.7
Beet Harvesting 108.7 116.3
Spraying and Garden Watering 97.6 96.9
Industrial Spraying 191.5 191.9

Next meeting : Shareholders' Ordinary General Meeting: February 9, 2017 Revenue for 1 st Half-year 2016 - 2017: April 20, 2017
EXEL Industries 2009/2010 2010/2011 2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 12 months
Revenue in €M 384.4 430.1 525.3 740.2 775.4 725.2 770.8

About EXEL Industries :,   @EXEL Industries

Spraying is the main business of EXEL Industries, for farming (world leader) and industry. The Group also operates in the market for watering equipment for the general public (European leader) and beet harvesting (world leader). EXEL Industries intends to develop in its markets thanks to a permanent innovation policy and a strategy for internationalization. EXEL Industries employs about 3,750 persons in 29 countries, on all five continents.

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