Tesla's Labor Dispute; New Google Earth -- Tech Roundup

With Tesla's (TSLA) stock riding high -- up 43% year to date -- a lot has to go right in order for shares to maintain their lofty levels. For starters, many investors' faith is riding on the company's ability to mass produce its Model 3 sedan.

The goal here is simple: Mass produce an affordable sedan (starting around $35,000) that consumers will buy in higher quantities due to the lower pricing and a better experience. However, in order to meet that demand, Tesla has to dramatically increase its production and aims to produce about 500,000 total vehicles per year in 2018.

It won't help if Tesla's acquisition of Grohmann hits a serious snag. According to some reports, union officials want to see higher wages at the German-based Grohmann company. They argued that wages are 30% below union rates.

Tesla argued this notion and explained that it had paid out bonuses and stock options to workers. The company also said it won't impact the timeline for the Model 3.

Still, if anything gets in the way, it could lead to investor disappointment. With a stock trading this high and with a valuation this rich, any "fly in the ointment," as they say, could hinder the stock price.

Of course, a short-term blip could be erased if the Model 3 exceeds expectations.

Shares of Tesla closed at $305.52 Wednesday, up 1.8%.

Alphabet's (GOOGL) Google Earth has captivated many users over the years - myself included! Panning around the world and getting intricate looks at cities or coast lines has consumed many hours for the geographically-interested. Whether it was looking for cool markings in the hills or seeing what neighborhood your hotel will be in, most of us are familiar with the platform.

But now, Google Earth is seeing a big overhaul. In its first major update since 2012, the platform now has intense 3-D maps and guided tours.

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