SEATTLE, April 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Onvia (NASDAQ: ONVI), leading sales intelligence and acceleration in business-to-government (B2G), today announced that it published an all-time record volume of bids, RFPs and government contract leads in the month of March. Onvia's B2G Intelligence System captured 14% more federal, state, local and educational bids and RFPs year over year. This expanded volume of data advances Onvia's leadership in sales intelligence and acceleration for B2G.

"The B2G market has gained increased attention in the current economic and political environment," said Russ Mann, CEO of Onvia. "Companies are hungry to capture their share of a growing public sector market. Businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to global enterprises, come to us looking for the tools to help them build pipeline and accelerate growth in B2G."

Growing Pipelines with Sales Intelligence & Acceleration for B2G

Innovative companies like Nashville's NovaCopy, Inc., an award-winning, full-service provider of 3D printer technology, copiers and document solutions see a quick return on their investment in Onvia.

"Serving the public sector is an important part of our business," said David Hall, Government Contracts Manager for NovaCopy. "In fact, it represents nearly 5% of our annual revenue from new contracts each year. There are many unique aspects to serving federal or state and local agencies. Our public contract growth and increased discovery of publicly funded projects relies on equipping our sales staff with information that gets them in front of the right agents all across the different levels of government in the B2G marketplace."

"Onvia is our primary resource, accounting for at least 85% of the opportunities we respond to," Hall added. "We are proud to be partners with Onvia and believe the investment in our subscription is one of the best we have made."

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