Cinedigm (NASDAQ: CIDM) today announced that the company will support Apple® FairPlay®, Google® Widevine®, and Microsoft® PlayReady® content protection solutions across its entire install base of devices and applications.

This adoption will enable subscribers of Cinedigm's OTT services to watch film and television content licensed from major Hollywood studios on nearly all classes of devices and platforms including set-top boxes, connected TVs, mobile devices, gaming consoles and internet browsers from a wide variety of manufacturers. The company expects support to be fully deployed across its device and application footprint by the end of April, 2017 in tandem with recent content licensing deals.

Each solution supports a wide array of devices and operating systems:
  • Microsoft PlayReady supports Windows 8, Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Windows Phone, Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge browsers as well as Silverlight for Mac/PC browsers. It also offers support for Roku and Amazon Fire TV as well as other leading Smart TV platforms.
  • Google Widevine supports Android, Android TV, Chromecast, iOS, televisions, set top boxes, and Mac & PC desktop browsers such as Opera and Chrome.
  • Apple FairPlay supports iOS, to include iPhone and iPad, TVOS, as well as Safari browsers on Mac.

"Adding support for these three key services enables us to deliver premium, Hollywood film and TV content to more than 95% of connected consumers," said Erick Opeka, EVP of Digital Networks for Cinedigm. "This implementation will not only fuel subscriber growth for our existing OTT channels by enabling us to deliver amazing content, but also enables us to pursue new channel development deals with major studios, networks and broadcasters."

Cinedigm has made significant efforts to expand the capabilities of its world-class OTT platform, and recently announced device footprint expansions to more than 60 Million devices including Google Chromecast, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Cinedigm channels include:

Dove Channel: targeting the family values audience with movies and shows families can enjoy together. The content offering includes mainstream and classic family movies, documentaries, heartwarming TV series and children's programs. All of Dove Channel's carefully curated content reflects the time-honored standards of The Dove Foundation and its trusted Family Seal of Approval.

CONtv: catering to the enormous and avid Comic Con audience. The channel currently boasts 2,500 hours of original programming, curated films and TV episodes, and exclusive Comic Con panel coverage from dozens of annual nationwide conventions.

Docurama: targeted to the avid documentary audience with over 1,200 titles, including full-length and short-form documentaries, non-fiction TV programming, and behind-the-scenes interviews.

The WHAM Network: providing news, information and entertainment 24/7 focused on the fast growing global e-sports and gaming audience. Launches Fall 2017.

About Cinedigm

Cinedigm powers custom content solutions to the world's largest retail, media and technology companies. We provide premium feature films and series to digital platforms including iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon, cable and satellite providers including Comcast, Dish Network and DirecTV, and major retailers including Walmart and Target. Leveraging Cinedigm's unique capabilities, content and technology, the Company has emerged as a leader in the fast-growing over-the-top channel business, with four channels under management that reach hundreds of millions of devices while also providing premium content and service expertise to the entire OTT ecosystem.


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