Guidance Software, makers of EnCase®, the gold standard in forensic security, and Passware, Inc., a provider of password recovery, decryption, and electronic evidence discovery software for computer forensics, today announced support for files encrypted with TrueCrypt - a popular open-source encryption platform. Tableau Password Recovery (TPR) v1.3 from Guidance and Passware Kit Forensic 2017 v2 are available now with full support for TrueCrypt files.

TrueCrypt is an open-source encryption platform used worldwide by cybercriminals, terrorist organizations, and other targets of law enforcement investigations. Passware Kit Forensic software and Guidance TPR hardware can now support investigators needing to decrypt files, partitions or entire drive volumes using TrueCrypt encryption, to speed investigations.

Tableau Password Recovery

The need to view the contents of encrypted files is a common challenge across security, law enforcement, and e-discovery investigations. With Tableau Password Recovery hardware from Guidance, investigators can accelerate the process of finding and unlocking password-protected files to help complete cases more quickly. By adding acceleration for decrypting TrueCrypt containers, TPR v1.3 provides a powerful resource for investigators dealing with this common encryption platform.

"Open source technology like TrueCrypt expanded access to advanced encryption capabilities. With priority cases and increasing backlogs, investigators need solutions to identify and unlock these encrypted files," said Guidance Chief Marketing Officer Michael Harris. "Guidance provides investigators the most cost-effective password recovery and decryption solution possible with scalable hardware acceleration."

Tableau Password Recovery v1.3 is available now. For more information on pricing, packaging and upgrades, please contact Additional information is available at

Passware Kit Forensic

Passware Kit Forensic is the complete electronic evidence discovery solution that reports all password-protected items on a computer and decrypts them. The software recognizes  280+ file types and works in batch mode recovering their passwords.

"With the ready availability of open-source encryption platforms, we understand the need for password recovery solutions that support TrueCrypt," said Dmitry Sumin, president, Passware, Inc. "Because of this, we've worked to implement support for password recovery and, equally important, decryption of these files through live memory analysis. We are committed to providing computer forensics with the most complete and up-to-date decryption toolkit that offers the widest choice of password recovery and decryption solutions - all approaches in one software product."

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