Here's How SpaceX Made History Thursday Night -- Tech Roundup

We're still not sure how Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk finds the time. After his company acquired Solar City (SCTY) , he now overseas the company's entire operation, plus manages SpaceX.

But on Thursday evening we knew exactly where Musk was -- watching SpaceX make history. The company successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center around 6:30 pm ET.

Of course, that's not history in the making. However, using a recycled orbital class rocket is. The Falcon 9 rocket SpaceX used on this particular launch was first used in April of last year. If the company is able to reuse rockets for multiple trips rather than building new ones from scratch, it should significantly reduce operating costs.

"It's the difference between having airplanes that you threw away after every flight, verses reusing them multiple times," said Musk on SpaceX's live video feed right after the successful launch, Recode reported.

"It's been fifteen years to get to this point," Musk continued, according to Recode. "I'm sort of at a loss for words."

In light of Musk's recent launch of Neuralink Corp., some are wondering if he's got too may ideas to focus on. Is that the biggest risk to the stock? It might be.

Shares of Tesla closed at $277.92 Thursday, up 0.2%.

The news for Lyft just keeps coming. Be it with its RoundUp donations feature or its tipping function on the app, the company has found itself in the press for good reasons, rather than bad.

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