Billionaire Philanthropist and Microsoft (MSFT) founder Bill Gates will meet with President Trump at the White House on Monday morning, in a meeting that will be closed to the press, likely discussing Trump's plan to cut funding on foreign aid.

Gates has been critical of Trump's plan, writing a blog on Friday discussing how foreign aid benefits Americans.

"When I first got involved in health and development more than 15 years ago, the main motivation was to save and improve people's lives around the world. That's still true today, but over the years I have come to see the tangible ways in which American aid benefits Americans too," Gates wrote.

He noted the prevention of epidemics and strengthening of markets as some benefits.

Foreign aid "represents less than 1 percent of the federal budget, not even a penny out of every dollar. It is some of the best return on investment anywhere in government. This money is well spent, it has an enormous impact, and it ought to be maintained," Gates concluded in his blog.

Trump proposed deep cuts to foreign aid programs when he released his 2018 budget on Thursday.

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