Hidden Recovery; Intel Back in the Fast Lane: Jim Cramer's View

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Cramer: There Is a Hidden Recovery in Consumer Spending

Posted at 7:24 a.m. on Friday, March 16, 2017

Totally hidden from view. A recovery totally hidden from view. Think about it: we have lending growth plateauing. We have consumer spending pretty much invisible. We have Janet Yellen herself explaining that yes, indeed, we have to raise rates but, no, the economy isn't growing that well.

To me, it's all about employment and the couch. People are being hired all over the country and jobs are plentiful in lots of parts of the nation, even if they aren't jobs you might want to take.

But they aren't spending like they used to, and that's got so many money managers and business people concerned that they are baffled and know that they either shouldn't be positive or that they are too giddy if they buy stocks up here or raise forecasts.

But I think that's all because the change in consumer spending is happening way too fast for pretty much everyone.

Now, today's not the day to fret about consumer spend, because it's 15 degrees out and Canada Goose is coming public and it will be a monster deal. A monster deal for a company that sells $1000 coats with the insignias right in your face. A red hot outerwear company mocks the whole supply chain of retail woe.

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