Here's Why Netflix's Stock is Poised to Climb Higher

The fact that Netflix's (NFLX) stock has gained over 2,700% since 2009 might lead some investors to think its run is over. But the company's stock has significant upside remaining.

Just like Amazon (AMZN) , Apple (AAPL) , and Facebook (FB) , Netflix is a brilliant tech investment. The online streaming giant has blossomed into a $62 billion enterprise that delivers entertainment at your fingertips while enabling you to avoid expensive cable TV.

Here are a few reasons to buy Netflix.

We must first look at the fundamental idea behind the company. An increasing number of viewers have stopped channel-surfing and browsing the internet for entertainment.

Instead, they 'Netflix' it!

Netflix, which unlike Alphabet's (GOOGL) YouTube is a paid service, delivers high-quality, ad-free content to users when they want it. Not surprisingly, viewers cumulatively watch 116 million hours of video every day on Netflix.

The company also spends billions to produce original content, which keeps its over 80 million users happy.

Entertainment viewing preferences are shifting. More people are trying to avoid the cost of gas, parking problems and crowds. There are also challenges like the weather. No wonder Netflix's shares have climbed every time there is a storm or a blizzard.

Netflix shares even outperform pizza king Domino's (DPZ) , because inclement weather can prevent the restaurant from making deliveries.

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