TheStreet (TST) has ranked the tops performing 64 S&P 500 stocks based on shear percentage appreciation over the last four months and pitted them against each other in a competitive bracket called TheStreet's Market Bracket Challenge.

Enter below and see if you can predict the best performing stocks:


The bracket will be decided by two- and one-day and measure a stock solely on performance. The breakdown is below:

  • Round of 64 -- March 20 & 21 (2 days)
  • Round of 32 -- March 22 & 23 (2 days)
  • Round of 16 -- March 24 & 27 (2 days)
  • Round of 8 -- March 28 & 29 (2 days)
  • Round of 4 -- March 30 & 31 (2 Days)
  • Championship Match-up -- April 3 (1 Day)

DISCLAIMER: This challenge is for entertainment purposes only. There is not a prize associated with this challenge. All trademarks are the property of their owners. This challenge is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by any such trademark owner. Question can be sent to

*the contest will end at the close of trading on April 3 though patrons may not receive results until 14 days after tournament

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