NEW YORK, March 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, RateWatch, a leading banking data and analytics service owned by TheStreet, Inc. (NASDAQ:TST) and Simon-Kucher & Partners, a strategy and marketing consulting firm, released the results from the 3 rd Annual Monetizing Digital Banking Products for Small Business Customers survey.

The survey report reveals important data on the small business customer including their mobile usage, banking behaviors and utility scores on 24 different banking services. It also shares insights on willingness-to-pay and estimates the likelihood-to-purchase at a series of price points for any given service bundle. Behavioral segmentation was used to identify six distinct clusters of small business customers including Not Tech-Savvy, Consumer Type, Relationship-Driven, Unmet Needs-Willing to Pay, High Perceived Value-Willing to Pay and No Potential.

"The small business customer is a huge untapped market for financial institutions," said Jamie Zussman, Business Development Associate for RateWatch. "This report provides data and a framework for how financial institutions can deepen their understanding of this segment and create compelling packages and services for them."

"We need a systematic and structured approach to designing, pricing and selling mobile banking solutions," adds David Chung, Director at Simon-Kucher & Partners. "When these steps are managed separately, we find suboptimal products that fail to meet revenue and profit goals, and fall short of addressing customer needs."

The following are key findings based on the small business customers surveyed:
  • 34% have never used mobile banking, even though their financial institution offers it
  • 69% do not have a positive perception of mobile banking services offered by their institutions
  • Certain small business clusters have significantly higher willingness to pay for digital services than others
  • Customer satisfaction is directly correlated with the rate at which digital innovations or new digital features are introduced
  • There is a lack of 'leader' features and high variance across all digital banking services, suggesting a bundling approach that is logically coherent but still allows for customization

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