Demographics may be destiny after all. At least, that's the approach of one Swedish lawmaker who has proposed a fairly inventive version of work-life balance: weekly, hour-long sex breaks.

Yes, Erik Muskos would like to codify the nooner.

Muskos is a councilman from Overtornea, a town of about 4,500 residents. According to reporting from both the New York Times and local outlets, he has proposed giving the town's 550 municipal employees the right to use their existing hour-per-week fitness break to go home and procreate. (Warning: this link to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet is not safe for work.)

"I think many people find it embarrassing," he said to the Aftonbladet, "and I think that's a pity."

In his motion, Muskos also urged that the town consider Sweden's demographic needs.

"Childbirth should be encouraged," he said in his motion. "When sex is also an excellent form of exercise with documented positive effects on well-being, the municipality should kill two birds with one stone and encourage employees to use their fitness hour to go home and have sex with their partner."

Muskos's proposal has already received international attention after making waves across Sweden, but it isn't entirely out of place.

Sweden is well known for having one of the most populist and worker-friendly states in the world. In addition to its generous welfare system and reform-based prisons, the country also has very strict workers' rights laws. Everyone gets 480 days of parental leave, guaranteed health care, five weeks of annual vacation and a daily break for coffee and pastries (the fika).

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