Shares of the over-the-counter traded Toshiba (TOSYY) have been in steady decline this week, and the company may make changes to its previous decision to sell its chip division. Originally slated to sell 20% of the business, the company could now sell the entire unit. 

The company's prized asset, its memory chip division, was originally supposed to be sold by the end of Toshiba's fiscal year ending March 31. While Toshiba is in need of cash (hence the strategy of selling of this division), the company is hoping that delaying the sale and even expanding the scope of the sale will attract more buyers. 

Sources have said the sale could generate bids of $1.8 billion to $3.5 billion. Toshiba is the world's second largest NAND producer, behind Samsung (SSNLF) , but its decision regarding the sale is raising some eyebrows. 

By selling this unit, Toshiba would be parting ways with its most valuable asset, rather than selling off its non-performing assets. That's caused investors to wonder if there's a future for Toshiba at all, a question that grows stronger when considering its falling stock price and looming delisting from the exchange. 

However, the hope for Toshiba is that by loosening the parameters of the sale and lifting the deadline, it will bring in more buyers and potentially lift the buying price. 

Twitter (TWTR - Get Report) has been trying to implement a number of changes for its users, hoping to spur growth once again. Its first step in 2017 got off on the wrong foot, as management has already reversed one of its decisions

But on Thursday we got another peek at how Twitter's initiative in live video is playing out. We've now found out that over the weekend, over 5 million people tuned into Twitter's pre-show for the Grammys. This figure topped all of the company's Thursday night NFL games and came in only behind President Donald Trump's inauguration. 

That's got to make management feel good, right? Some will point to the negative implications it could have with NFL ratings down. But the more positive takeaway is that Twitter's live-streaming events are gaining momentum. 

It will be good if Twitter can begin to engage users in a more meaningful way with its live-streaming video efforts and spur more conversations. The more engaged its users are, the more lucrative ads the company can place.

If it's able to generate increases in ad engagement, video views, user growth and sales, Wall Street will give a big thumbs-up of approval. 

The company said it plans to double its live-streaming programs for 2017 from 2016, as management is hoping that media will be a driver for its turnaround. 

Shares of Twitter closed at $16.35 Thursday, down 2.3%. 

Verizon (VZ - Get Report) has been the center of conversation lately. The company recently brought back its unlimited data plans and now the discussion is swirling around its Yahoo! (YHOO) acquisition. 

Just after reports surfaced that the company is seeking a discount on its $4.8 billion acquisition of Yahoo! following several large security breaches over the past few years, the latter announced another potential vulnerability to its system on Wednesday. 

Moving past all that drama for a minute though, Verizon has now announced its purchase of Skyward, a drone operations and management company. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. 

While AT&T (T - Get Report) has gone for massive deals -- like its purchase of DirecTV and Time Warner (TWX) for $48.5 billion and $85.4 billion, respectively -- Verizon has been involved in a flurry of relatively smaller deals. 

It acquired AOL a few years ago for $4.4 billion, is in the midst of buying Yahoo!, purchased Fleetmatics (FLTX) for $2.4 billion in 2016 and is now buying Skyward. The latest deal was apparently done in an effort to bolster the company's Internet of Things offerings. From the company's release:

"Thanks to advances in technology and regulations, organizations are looking at drones to help run their business. From agriculture to telecommunications and from industrial construction to film production, major corporations, small businesses and individuals are using drones to save time, improve safety, and operate more efficiently. The value is clear, but scaling and managing a drone program can be complex."

Shares of Verizon closed at $48.46 Thursday, up 0.8%.

This article is commentary by an independent contributor. At the time of publication, the author held no positions in the stocks mentioned.