Nvidia's  (NVDA)  third-quarter results showed investors just how strong the company's future is in areas like machine learning and autonomous driving. Though shares have soared over the past year as a result of the strong outlook, investors are betting there are more gains to come.

From machine learning to autonomous driving to virtual reality, graphical processor units, or GPUs, are the brains behind much of the technology. Nvidia's chipsets are the dominant presence, and it's the early stages of what's being dubbed by some as "the artificial intelligence revolution."

This convergence of technology is being driven by artificial intelligence at the heart of almost every decision technology companies (and non-tech companies) make, as they try to understand their customers better and focus on productivity increases.

"While we still argue that GPUs are not the best fit for inference applications, it is still early and [Nvidia] continues to outperform in multiple segments, particularly Datacenter and Gaming," Barclays Capital analysts highlighted in a note previewing earnings. "We applaud the execution on growth vectors (autos, VR) and step to the sidelines to reassess opportunities later in the year." 

Nvidia has been at the forefront of this AI trend and the company's CES keynote highlighted just how important Nvidia is to the future of technology's next wave of computing.

At CES in January, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang touched on a number of areas, including announcing GPUs-as-a-service and high-end gaming for any computer, including Apple (AAPL) Macs. He also unveiled a plethora of new partnerships, including ones with Audi Bosch on self driving cars and a new Nvidia Shield.

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