A drug gang near the China-Myanmar border threw grenades and fire shots at law enforcement officers during a major anti-trafficking operation on Lunar New Year.

A gunfight broke out when a vehicle believed to be ferrying drugs was stopped near the border between Myanmar and China in Yunnan province by police on the morning of January 28, Xinhua reported.

Yunnan police reported that the people in the vehicle resisted arrest and attempted to drive away, then started shooting and tossing grenades at the police officers.

One suspect was killed by police at the scene and another seriously injured. The injured suspect later died at a hospital.

Two officers were also wounded and were quickly transferred to a nearby hospital for surgery. The health condition of both has stabilised.

Myanmar says record drug seizure has street value of US$36 million

The police reported that they seized a total of 330kg of drugs during the operation, including heroin, methamphetamine and opium. A handgun and 10 bullets were also confiscated.

Social media users praised the police for their actions. One Weibo user wrote, "If 300 kilograms of drugs flooded into our country, how many people's lives would have been ruined. Thank you police!"

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