President Donald Trump has been a big proponent of moving more jobs stateside and levying border taxes against the companies that decide not to do so. 

While it's still unclear if or how much those taxes would be, many companies appear ready to play ball. One of investors' first questions though, centered around Apple (AAPL) .

The company produces its devices in Asia, mainly through the well-known manufacturer Foxconn (FXCOF) , and imports them into the U.S. to sell. If the Trump Administration slapped an import or border tax on Apple, it would likely tally into the billions.

But the idea of Apple moving its incredibly complex production plants from Asia to the U.S. seems even more expensive.

Perhaps the company will look for some sort of compromise. For instance, Apple could produce its international products in Asia, while focus on bringing its U.S.-bound products back for U.S. production. 

The option is at least on the table, with Foxconn weighing a $7 billion investment for a U.S. production plant. "There is such a plan, but it is not a promise," according to chairman and CEO Terry Gou. 

While the company didn't plan on making its actions public at this time, it's clear that it's something Foxconn is seriously considering moving forward.

It's also unclear if Apple would have any role in the development, but given how large of a customer it is, one would imagine the company will have a role. 

Shares of Apple closed at $120.08 Monday, up 0.1%.

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It appears the fallout from the Samsung (SSNLF) Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle is still causing headaches for the South Korea-based company. 

The company determined inconsistent batteries were the cause of the dangerous battery situation in the prior lineup. And while it's good that Samsung has identified the issues behind that device, it doesn't want to take any chances with its future products. 

Despite what many had previously expected, the company will reportedly not formally introduce the Samsung Galaxy S8 at this year's Mobile World Conference in Barcelona. Reports now suggest Samsung will launch the phone in March, with plans for it to go on sale in mid-April. 

So why the delay? Basically Samsung wants to make sure everything with the S8's design is perfect -- batteries and all. Management does not want any faulty products in consumers' hands and certainly doesn't want to deal with the financial pitfalls and public blowback experienced during a recall. 

Even when booking a flight, a banner at the top of Delta (DAL) still warns passengers that the Note 7 is banned. 

Not exactly good for business.

Hopefully this time around though, Samsung experiences a much better sales cycle. 

Uber plans to continue its global expansion, but not all of it will based on getting people from point A to point B -- It will also include food.

While UberEats is well known in some U.S. cities and others internationally -- available in Europe, parts of Asia and Australia -- it is apparently going well enough to justify expanding. UberEats is now headed to India

In a time where a number of on-demand services and food-delivery companies are struggling to either stay financed or operate profitably, UberEats hasn't had much issue expanding. 

Given that Uber is the most highly-valued private company though, perhaps being profitable isn't a requirement, as funding seems relatively easy for the company. But it's unlikely Uber would expand the program if it didn't see success down the road, and now management feels India is ready to be a part of that plan. 

Others, like Apple and Amazon (AMZN) , have also been putting an emphasis on the country. Despite not packing much of a financial punch, India's strong GDP growth and more than 1 billion citizens makes it ripe for companies looking for growth. 

Shares of Amazon closed at $817.88 Monday, up 1.2%. 

This article is commentary by an independent contributor. At the time of publication, the author held no positions in the stocks mentioned.

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