Say what you will about the Kardashian clan, but they are a marketing powerhouse the likes of which the world has never seen. Probably even powerful enough to revive a brand that has seen its own rise and fall thanks to the Sisyphean burden of making velour a luxury item. 



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Juicy Couture was more than a trendy purveyor of tracksuits; it was a pedestal of popular culture that helped define the early aughts. Part of the original athleisure phase, the vibrant velour and terrycloth outfits harkened back to a simpler time when Kim K was still cleaning out Paris Hilton's closet. However like most uber popular yet ultimately tasteless trends, the brand fell out of favor. In 2013 Fifth & Pacific, now Kate Spade Group  (KATE) ,  sold Juicy Couture to Authentic Brands Group for $195 million cash to help focus on their most profitable brand, Kate Spade. ABG also currently own Aeropostale, Hickey Freeman, Judith Leiber, Tapout and Tretorn to name a few. 

Under the ABG umbrella, Juicy was solely relegated to ecomm, and its beloved tracksuits were only being sold at Kohl's after being dropped by Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman and the like. Its drop from attainable luxury to mass market merch signaled a death knell for the once-coveted, star-studded and suburban status symbol brand. However, overly expensive sweatpants are very much back in, as is ironic nostalgia.

Championing their "track is back" tagline, JC is experiencing the beginnings of a renaissance that gives me hope. Mostly because I still own and wear Juicy sweats in my darkest, solitary hours. 

Last night, social media blew up when Kylie Jenner was photographed donning a Juicy x Vetements pair of sweatpants. Its matching hoodie is currently $810 on Netaporter, because 2017 is already proving to be a weird year. 


The hottest babe in the game @kyliejenner ��#VETEMENTSXJUICYCOUTURE

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Since then, the internet has been peppered by girls in their 20s and 30s lamenting the fall of Juicy, and their eagerness to bring it back. 

Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

— Hannah Orenstein (@hannahorens) January 17, 2017

Kylie posted a pic in juicy couture sweatpants, so the trend is alive and well again let's go girls

— mar (@Mariahmarrr) January 17, 2017

I 100% support the comeback of juicy couture tracksuits

— Valentina (@valpenaranda) January 17, 2017

While a lot of Juicy's items are updated, fashion-forward pieces, there's still track items for purchase. Especially on Amazon ( AMZN - Get Report) . If you need me, I'll be trolling Amazon for my lost youth. 

Buy Juicy Couture on Amazon here