Innovation, growth, and jobs were the three talking points Conagra (CAG - Get Report)  CEO Sean Connolly drove home during his interview with CNBC's "Power Lunch" Tuesday afternoon.

"We are in the midst of a significant corporate turnaround, we have made great progress on our cost structure but, the name of the game now is driving growth and innovation," Connolly said.

Being a domestic company, and with the inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday, Connolly contended that none of the President-elect's proposed policy initiatives lack in importance. "But, what we are focused on at Conagra is any policy change that will encourage investment in the business and help drive growth," Connolly stated.

However, he noted that until policy manifests itself into implementation, Conagra cannot focus on speculation, just on executing its own agenda.

"We are a domestic company so if we are going to drive our share of job growth in America, it's going to be on heels of improved sales performance, and that will be the results of improved innovation, growth and brand building at Conagra," Connolly said.

He argued that though innovation is largely associated with companies in Silicon Valley, it remains definitively important in Conagra's industry as well.

"Let's face it, we have 50-plus iconic legacy brands, and brands evolve over time, and if they are not contemporized and kept relevant they become stale," Connolly said.

One example of that innovation will come with the company's cooking-spray product Pam. "We understand that many of our consumers today do not want to partake with an aerosol spray," Connolly noted. "So, we are in the process right now of launching aerosol-free Pam."

Lastly, Connolly commented on the prospects of job growth at Conagra in the coming years. "We've got to grow the top line. As we grow the top line, we'll need more employees to help continue to drive the business, and we'll be able to grow our employment ranks from there."