Arby's has the deer meat

Editors' pick: Originally published Jan. 12.

Back by popular demand at Arby's: deer meat.

The fast-food chain, known for hawking indulgent roast beef sandwiches at 3,300 restaurants worldwide, will now bring its wildly popular venison to two restaurants in Nebraska. One of the locations is in Omaha, so attention Warren Buffett -- you can now get some deer meat for lunch after placing a few morning trades. 

Arby's debuted venison in about 17 restaurants in Tennessee and Atlanta last year. It quickly sold out. 

For Arby's, selling deer meat is part of broader reinvention of the brand under CEO Paul Brown. Last year, the privately held company launched a dizzying number of limited-time products to drive sales such as chicken sliders and meatball sandwiches. The efforts have paid off handsomely for Arby's as same-store sales have increased for over 23 straight quarters.

Here is TheStreet's recent interview with Brown.