Taco Bell is no stranger to weird, but its latest concoction may take the cake. 

The Yum! Brands  (YUM)  owned Mexican-themed fast food restaurant chain will start selling its hotly anticipated Naked Chalupa nationwide at over 6,400 locations on January 26, the company said Wednesday. The Naked Chalupa -- which has a fried chicken shell -- was tested at certain locations in California in September 2014, and in some Kansas areas in April last year. The test varieties had a fried chicken shell stuffed with shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes and an avocado ranch sauce.

Taco Bell has a history of introducing zany creations such as slushies with Starburst candy flavoring and a taco shell made from Doritos in order to stick out in the crowded fast food space. In 2015, the chain launched the Quesalupa, which kept the thick, fried shell of Taco Bell's signature chalupa -- except the shell is stuffed with cheese.
The early 2017 launch for the Naked Chalupa could do its part to keep Taco Bell's sales humming.
Taco Bell's third-quarter same-store sales rose 3%, propelled by the new premium-priced Triple Double Crunchwrap and the value-focused $5 Buck Box. Shares of Yum! Brands have gained 30% to $64.53 over the past year, beating the S&P 500's rise of 20%.
Shares of Yum! Brands are slightly lower at $64.52 in mid-morning trading. 

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