Airline fuel fees - "One hidden fee that really bothers me is the widespread manipulation of the 'fuel surcharge' by the airlines," says Greg Geronemus, co-chief executive officer at smarTours in New York. "They are unfair and harmful to travelers." Geronemus says that, for years as oil prices surged, airlines insisted that fuel surcharges line were beyond their control and simply an accurate reflection of the rising commodity cost. "However, now that oil has dropped dramatically, we have not seen anything close to a proportional drop in fuel surcharges," he adds." In fact, many airlines have not decreased their fuel surcharges whatsoever."

Financial advisory fees - Scott Hanson, a senior partner and co-founder of Hanson McClain Advisors, a Sacramento-based money management firm, says retirement investing is a "great place" for hidden fees, because, in many cases, by the time the consumer realizes that there are hidden fee's it's too late. Annuity fees are especially burdensome, Hanson says. "There may be some times when annuities are appropriate, but they are complicated, expensive, and the world would be better off without them," he says. "They are sold by a commission-based insurance salesman who often don't understand the complexities themselves and most buyers have no real idea as to how they work. There are many hidden costs with annuities and consumers lose once rates are adjusted, and fees kick in."

International money transfers - "One of the worst hidden consumer fees are the service and foreign exchange rate fees traditional remittance players like Western Union and Moneygram charge consumers who are trying to send money to loved ones abroad," says Britta Gidican, head of marketing communications at Remitly, in Seattle.

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