Liberty Announces Quarterly Interest Payment And Excess Regular Cash Dividend Amount On 0.75% Senior Exchangeable Debentures Due 2043

Liberty Interactive LLC ("Liberty"), a subsidiary of Liberty Interactive Corporation (Nasdaq: QVCA, QVCB, LVNTA, LVNTB), announced the payment today of a quarterly interest payment to the holders, as of December 15, 2016, of its 0.75% Senior Exchangeable Debentures due 2043 (the "Debentures"). The amount of the quarterly interest payment is $1.875 per $1,000 original principal amount of Debentures. As of December 30, 2016, 2,060 Debentures remained outstanding in the aggregate adjusted principal amount of $789,517, after giving effect to today's quarterly interest payment.

Under the Indenture for the Debentures, the original principal amount of the Debentures is reduced in an amount equal to each additional distribution made to holders of the Debentures attributable to an extraordinary distribution that is made on reference shares. Thereafter, the adjusted principal amount is further reduced on each successive quarterly interest payment date to the extent necessary to cause the quarterly interest payment to represent the payment of an annualized yield of 0.75% of the adjusted principal amount. This latter adjustment, to the extent it is made by reason of a particular additional distribution that results in a reduction to the principal amount of the Debentures, takes effect on the second succeeding interest payment date after the payment of that additional distribution.

To date, Liberty has made one additional distribution that was attributable to an extraordinary distribution made on reference shares. On June 16, 2016, Liberty made an additional distribution of $614.4332 per $1,000 original principal amount of the Debentures attributable to the extraordinary cash distribution made to former holders of common stock of Time Warner Cable, Inc. ("TWC") on May 18, 2016, in connection with the mergers involving Charter Communications, Inc. and TWC (the "Charter/TWC Merger"). The additional distribution was based on the "average transaction consideration'' paid in the Charter/TWC Merger, as that term is defined in the Indenture for the Debentures.

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