I hesitated while pasting together this Bio-Twitter Year in Review because... Does anyone really want to remember what happened in 2016?

Don't all raise your hands at once; 2016 was a lousy year for biotech investors. It started bad, got worse, perked up, got worse again, rebounded just a little, looked like it was normalizing then tanked -- again.


Still, if we have to look back at the pain, why not have some fun with it? I combed through my Twitter archive to compile a 2016 biotech review in tweets. Month by month, here's how 2016 went -- for you  and for me. 


You know a bad year is coming when your beloved dog dies right after New Year's Day. 

Max died today. We're heartbroken. Lover of tennis balls, water, mud & runs in woods. My best buddy. I miss him. ❤️ pic.twitter.com/o0wRekNdIe

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) January 4, 2016

MannKind (MNKD) kaboom!

And on the second business day of 2016…$SNY ditches $MNKD

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) January 5, 2016

Another bad omen for 2016: A news-free start to the J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference.

When you wake up at 3 am excited for lots of big, surprising #JPM16 Monday biotech news but instead get… pic.twitter.com/THDd05lgs8

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) January 11, 2016

This! (Followed fast by the FDA's decision to postpone the Sarepta (SRPT) advisory panel.)

$SRPT — eteplirsen dystrophin production better than drisapersen but not saying much. 0.9% of normal. Yikes.

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) January 15, 2016

Biotech stocks cratered...

@bradloncar pic.twitter.com/jv0QCQ5HTx

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) January 22, 2016

By the end of January, there was nowhere for investors to hide...

. @bradloncar Sorta like this, Brad. pic.twitter.com/Ko36AJFIoP

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) January 29, 2016


No, dumbass, four more years of Trump! 

Can someone please remind me. If Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow tomorrow, does that mean six more weeks of Trump?

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) February 1, 2016

And surely someone shouted, "Buy the Gilead (GILD) dip!" 

$GILD 2016 net product sales guidance $30-31B versus actual 2015 net product sales $32.2B

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) February 2, 2016

The only good news I had in 2016.

When your daughter receives a letter saying she was accepted to college. pic.twitter.com/uXKeOG6ViK

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) February 18, 2016

Brief tenure?

Dr. Robert Califf, the new FDA commissioner.

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) February 24, 2016

We were so hopeful, but we're still waiting... 

Yeezus on $GILD M&A coming out of his conference y'day: pic.twitter.com/m7M1xmT2Ax

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) February 25, 2016

Taking out the trash.

This list... Updated

1. $HEB fires Bill Carter
2. $GALE lawsuit settlement
3. $CTIC NDA withdrawal
4. $CPRX $PTCT RTF letters
5. $PPHM fail

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) February 25, 2016


Al Mann, 90, is dead. $MNKD was an anomaly in a hugely successful career as businessman, generous philanthropist. Peace to his family.

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) February 26, 2016

My new best friend.

Big news! Meet new member of my family. Just adopted. We'll be picking up this cutie this wknd or next. Dog ❤️!! pic.twitter.com/2FRwUSh2wP

— Adam Feuerstein (@adamfeuerstein) February 29, 2016

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