What swung the election to Trump?

The way some people are talking, it's resembling a game of Clue.

You get the idea.

The problem is that there are simpler explanations that don't require a conspiracy. In fact, if you go back in history, it comes down to what Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan both knew -- it's all about the economy. Clinton's pitch was simple: "It's the economy, stupid." Likewise Reagan's was an obvious question: "Are you better off now than your were four years ago?

The evidence shows that yet again, it was the economy that made the difference, at least for the voters who counted in the election. That is to say, those voters who live in key swing states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. 

Jobs, or Lack Thereof

A new analysis from the Economic Cycle Research Institute, that was provided exclusively to TheStreet shows how. The report looked at which ethnic groups had seen job gains over the period since Obama was first elected. 

"Of the five-million-plus net jobs added since that high-water mark nine years ago, some 56% went to Hispanics," the report states. Blacks and Asians also saw gains, 29% and 25% of the five million plus total jobs created, respectively.

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