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If you partake in the occasional cocktail, you know that drinking presents a unique set of challenges. In this terrifying first world we live in, we face drinks that won't stay cold, absentee corkscrews and unwanted bottle caps. Rather than continuing to give in to the madness, it's time to drink smarter, not harder. Innovators have developed buzz-saving solutions that can take a night of drinking to a whole new level. Stuff a stocking with a unique drinking gadget this holiday season. 

For the shaken, not stirred

Frost Ballz Whiskey Ice Ball Mold

This silicone mold makes ice spheres the size of golf balls that keep your drink cooler longer than the traditional cube.  

Whisky Stones Gift Set

Even perfectly formed ice balls will eventually dilute your drink. If you're down to drink like a champion, these freezable rocks will chill your drink while maintaining the integrity of your booze of your choice. Unfortunately, they can't do anything for your own integrity. 

Wingman Shot Glass

Never forget your wingman. This mini shotski provides the college nostalgia and the buzz you're looking for, delivering up to 2.75 ounces per person. 

Wine Savant Whisky & Wine Sail Ship Etched Globe Spirits Decanter

Who says you can't buy class? This beautiful decanter will aerate wine, bourbon or scotch as a ship sales the boozy horizon. 

For the over indulgent wino

Air Cork Wine Preserver

We've all been there before: you open a bottle of wine, drink one glass and it's spoiled before you ever think of it again. Instead of wasting yet another bottle, protect your $6 investment with a simple balloon. 

Wine Glass Markers

You already tend to draw on everything after a few glasses of merlot. Why not limit your "art" to your drinking glass? 

Bottle Shaped Wine Tool Set

You may have lost a bottle opener, but it's pretty much a guarantee you've never lost a good bottle of wine. This convenient kit includes a  bottle opener, foil cutter and bottle stopper and makes the perfect addition to any wine rack. Just don't be disappointed when you try to drink it. 

For bubblier interests

Bartender Beer Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher

After hosting a party, you tend to find bottle caps in the most unlikely of places for weeks to come. This opener saves you that frustration by conveniently storing each cap after every open. 

Two Fisted Beer Mug

This unique hybrid of traditional double fisting allows you to have all the necessary convenience of avoiding trips to the fridge without having to hold two things at once (what suffering you once endured). The shatterproof device shares liquid between the two mugs and allows double-sided drinking to prevent spills so you don't get splashed when you get sloshed. 

Sonic Foam Beer Head Enhancer

Every craft beer deserves the perfectly crafted head. The sonic foam uses ultrasonic vibrations to create the perfect head, enhancing the taste of your beer and orchestrating an Insta-worthy experience. 

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