Editors' pick: Originally published Dec. 14.

Call this a radically unexpected byproduct of the looming Trump presidency: the candidate known for evangelizing for a life of consumption just may usher in as President an upswing in simple, frugal lives. But there may also be a surge in conspicuous consumption, a kind of keeping up with the Trumps.

Right there just may be the next culture wars.

Predicted futurist Faith Popcorn: "As President-elect Trump—voted in by average Americans--stocks his cabinet with billionaires, we'll see a duality emerge and the rift between the Haves and the Have-nots deepening."

She went on: "The rich and struggling alike will also find a new allure in the Simple Life. Just as Trump is seen feasting on fast food, so will other basic American pleasures gain badge value - as a vote of solidarity with those who powered Trump into office. It's a nostalgia for 'the good old days.'"

While the tasting menu at restaurant Jean Georges in the Trump International Hotel and Tower on Central Park West runs $218 per person - for seven courses, from egg caviar to chocolate with stops at frog legs and foie gras - there just may be a run on fish fillets at the nearby McDonalds on Eighth Avenue.

In that vein Popcorn also predicted: "Watch as luxury goods boom, and hyper-customized concierge and on-demand services for the elite, skyrocket. Some of it will be seen in public, but it will be happening full-tilt in private."

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