Delphi Automotive Provides a Chance to Benefit From Self-Driving

Shares of automaker Bayerische Motoren Werke -- better known by its acronym, BMW -- rose more than 4.5% on Monday, probably thanks to reports that the company is venturing further into autonomous-vehicle technology.

The company is making an effort to compete with ride-hailing companies such as Uber.

But automotive-parts manufacturer Delphi Automotive (DLPH)  offers a better bet on self-driving taxis. The company has a promising self-driving initiative with the Singapore government, and its shares are trading at a discount. 

Delphi Automotive shares were about flat in Monday trading. 

First of all, the latest news is that BMW said Friday that it will begin testing about 40 vehicles with autonomous capabilities in Munich, Germany, beginning next year, with the likelihood of spreading the experiment to other cities. Each car will have a trained test driver aboard to prevent accidents.

It is all part of BMW's larger scheme to create its own fleet of premium and luxury taxis. By making this fleet self-driving, BMW could see a big boost in revenue. 

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